Music for Winds, Brass and Percussion

A New York Fanfare

A Suite for Band: I   Audio    Pdf

                            II   Audio   Pdf

                            III  Audio   Pdf


Dallas Winds:  I  II  III  IV

* An Invitation: to Winter's Dance

An Original Suite for Band   by Renee LaPlante arr. H.E.C.

* Jerusalem: The Holy City

* Fast Falls the Evening Tide:  I  II III IV

* Mountain Intervals

* The Boogie Suite:  I  II III

* Copelandscapes:  I II III IV

* A Hero's Welcome

* The Sea Shanties:  I pdf   II   pdf   III   pdf   IV   pdf

A Renaissance Wind  by desPrez/arr. H. Cain   pdf

* Grandfather's Clock: A Christmas Waltz   pdf

Percussion Piece #2: A Rhythmic Frolic   pdf

Dramatic Essay for Band   pdf

* transcription from Orchestral composition by H.E.C.